Once you understand how this type of resume is important, you’re probably wondering how to put together a turbine model that differentiates between the thousands available, right? No matter how good your resume is, it is very important to know if it sells well and to communicate everything you have done in recent years. write essay for me

Before going into that detail, let’s show you what step-by-step is for creating the default template. Look:

  1. Access the platform

The first step to making the lattes curriculum is to access the Lattes platform. Look for the option “Register new curriculum” and fill in the data that will be required. The beginning involves more basic data such as email, nationality, choice of a password for access and other such things.

  1. Complete the data

After logging in, continue filling in the required data. The beginning contemplates personal data, such as name, date of birth, CPF, identity and other information and / or documents explored for identification.

The process is simple and intuitive, always divided by steps and well signposted. That means you probably will not have problems with entering the information in the right way. Still, it’s good to keep an eye out and spend a quiet time doing everything without running over.

  1. Complete the addresses

Following up you will need to enter the residential and business address (if any) as well as the contact phones. Remember to update the data whenever these numbers are exchanged or you may end up missing a great opportunity.

  1. Go to professional data

Now we come to the most important point of a lattes curriculum: the professional information. Therefore, in the next tab, called “Academic Training”, is where you enter information about courses completed and in progress.

In the next section, you are asked for information about work experience, that is, if you are working in an institution. In addition to scoring on the site, be sure to record the type of bond, the position and the start date of the activities.

  1. Complete with the languages

Finally, you will enter your area of ​​expertise and information on language skills, such as English, Spanish and other languages. This type of knowledge is very important within the universe of research and academic production, which is why it has a prominent place in the curriculum.

That’s right: having knowledge in languages ​​opens many doors in the academic world and proof of this is that this is a prerequisite for masters and doctorates. And best of all is that the opportunities can still be out of the country – in any other destination that you have knowledge in the specific language.

Therefore, the platform will request information about your level of comprehension, reading, speaking and writing in each language. Be frank and update all information.

As you can see, this is not a complex process, and can be accomplished without great difficulties. However, it is highly recommended that you be very careful not to put false or outdated information, which could negatively affect your assessment by institutions.

So we always recommend that you separate some time and do the whole procedure without pressure. This is still the best way to ensure a well-resourced resume.