Check out here a simple and complete step by step for you to learn how to make lattes curriculum and stand out in the academic world.

It was the time in which to conclude the graduation meant the end of the study day. Nowadays the reality is very different and, for those who dream of better positions, it represents only the beginning of a new professional walk.

After conquering the dreamed up course, many people are soon scheduled to pursue an academic career or even immediately enter the job market. Whatever path you choose, it is important to have a lattes curriculum.

I did not know that? Then understand your importance a little better and how to make a differentiated curriculum. Follow all this in this very complete post and learn why you should make yours!

After all, what is the lattes curriculum?

If you do not know what we’re talking about, you do not need any embarrassment. This is the reality of many people, so “take it easy”. The lattes curriculum is elaborated in the Lattes Platform standards (which explains a lot of its name, right?) And is managed by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq).

The model was created in May of 1999 and had the objective of facilitating the planning, management and operationalization of the promotion of research in teaching and research institutions of the country. A somewhat noble cause! Since then it has been the standard model of curricula in Brazil, with the purpose of gathering and organizing all information on a single national basis.

The platform has made professionals from different areas, such as teachers, researchers and scientists, able to register for free – and, as we say, all in a unique environment. It may seem silly, but having all this material centralized in a single environment helps a lot for candidates and recruiters.

And there’s more: all this is viewed in a standardized way, allowing access to all data in a fast and detailed manner.

In addition, in this place the professionals find space for a more complete and detailed curriculum, containing all the information related to their professional and scientific career. The platform lattes is so strong that it is adopted by the institutions, universities, companies and research institutes of the whole country.

This measure is one of the main gains when it comes to professional transparency for the scientific community, ease of preparation and submission of the curriculum, and, to close, uniformity of data. Since there you have all the data of the candidates (with due proof), there is no denying that it is very reliable.

To close, through this platform we can still identify the profile of the faculty – from scientific production to teaching, management and extension activities.

Earnings for professional area

If you do not plan on pursuing an academic career then it is good to know that lattes curriculum has also gained a lot of strength in the corporate world. Today, several companies consider and even require the curriculum to be complete on the platform – or even use it as a reference for recruitment.

As it is much more complete and detailed than other existing models, such as the famous Curriculum Vitae, there is no denying that it can be very useful for a better hiring. Therefore it is important to fill in everything carefully, since the information not mentioned may end up being disregarded in an important selection process.

What’s in it?

If you are wondering what information one can access in curriculum lattes then you can find out right now. These include:

–  personal data;

–  academic training;

– languages, analyzing fluency in speech, writing and reading;

– educational institutions in which it has already acted;

– area of ​​scientific production;

–  published articles;

– research groups in which you participate or have participated.

In addition, it is important to note that all platform data is available to the public for consultation through the Internet, facilitating access to data with credibility and reliability, essential to the financing processes in the areas of science and technology.

What is its importance these days?

As we anticipated, this type of curriculum is important for those who want to remain in academia, but it is becoming stronger for those who want to enter the job market. This information is surprising to many people, since the Lattes curriculum is still heavily associated with the Academy.

The good news is that, as we anticipated, the model can be useful for both media. Today having a good academic background can open many doors in the market, as more and more the two areas talk. And that’s not all: it can still be a real bridge to international opportunities, whether for a graduate or even a multinational job.

Still, we can not deny that the curriculum may be even more important for those who wish to follow in the academic universe. Whether you are looking for a master’s or doctoral degree, having a curriculum in the Lattes Platform is essential to participate in the selections and get the insertion in the middle of scientific research.

Therefore, every researcher must arrange their registration. However, it is not enough to just do it. While this is the first step, it is very important to look for alternatives to differentiate your material from others – and that is precisely what we will cover in the next few topics of this post.