If you are still not sure how this curriculum can help you, here are a few reasons to help you understand this.

Easy to use

As you have seen in this post, filling out a resume lattes is very simple and self-explanatory. This makes most people do not have difficulty registering and ends up having their information updated. So, understand its importance and make your application too!

Moreover, its use is very simple. That means you can navigate and update all the information without much difficulty.

Popular model

There’s no denying it: the lattes model is today’s premier unified curriculum platform. As we anticipated, it is used by practically all universities and research and development institutions in the country. So if you have the interest to ensure more visibility to your resume and projects, be sure to register.

Complete Information

In addition to being popular, the lattes curriculum is a model that goes far beyond traditional models. Through it it is possible to have a complete view of the academic trajectory of the person, such as data about institutions, research groups, etc. That is, a very complete overview is passed.

Door for professional opportunities

Currently, those who wish to pursue an academic career can not fail to have a curriculum vitae registered in the platform, as it will probably be one of the first requirements for enrollment and entry into any postgraduate program.

Numerous scientific and technological initiation programs as well as postgraduate programs use the platform as an efficient way to evaluate teachers and students in curriculum and productivity, and serve as a basis for granting subsidies to institutions and projects.

And not only that: the platform can also represent a bridge to several other opportunities in the labor market. As we have already pointed out, it has become a benchmark for the corporate world and has helped many recruiters to make better choices.

Visibility of academic production

Another very important aspect is related to the visibility provided to the researcher who inserts his professional data there. Because it is a national base, accessed from anywhere in the country, it increases the visibility of academic production, providing a greater exchange between researchers and institutions.

In general, it is important to remember that registering on the platform and using this system is an option for teachers, researchers and students to keep their curricula updated – not to mention that they are organized and standardized, with an incredible ease of access through the internet, which has been very enriching for scientific production in the country.

Facilities for those who want to pursue a career in the Academy

The lattes curriculum is of utmost importance for the professional who wishes to pursue academic career after the completion of the course. It is the greatest tool for the individual’s knowledge and evaluation in relation to their scientific production and professional positioning.

So, after reading this text, you will be able to register your resume on the platform and start enjoying the benefits in pursuit of a master’s or doctoral scholarship (besides being available for several other advantages that we have already pointed out here).

How to differentiate my resume?

Well, once you understand how lattes is important, you’re probably wondering how to differentiate yours, right? Nothing more natural, since there are thousands of resumes available on the platform, so we should rather take some steps to make yours more visible and with a different appeal. Here are some tips we have prepared:

Invest in the initial text

The platform offers standard text based on the data you have filled out, but, as its name implies, this is the model that happens for all other candidates as well. As we are dealing with ways to differentiate, it is good to take some time to produce this content on your own.

Remember that the moment the search for your name is carried out this information is the first access – that is, promote the famous “first impression.” Keep in mind that, as unpretentious as this text may seem, it has a defining role when people decide whether to open their curriculum or not.

So start by writing about your academic background, highlighting professional experiences, research projects and, to close, other important areas of knowledge.

Highlight what you’ve already done

The part of professional performance must be filled with care, because today are the experiences that open doors to many others. Therefore, highlight all the companies in which you have worked, giving even more emphasis to what you have done and what were their functions. Believe me: this is a detail that makes all the difference!

If you have dedicated yourself to academic work, then do not give up promoting it as well. Share any production you’ve ever done, such as books, articles that have been for magazines, abstracts, scientific events, dissertations, and other such things. They help compensate for the lack of experience in other professional areas by showing that you were involved with the gym.

Do not think that these deliveries are insignificant, since the lattes curriculum considers the scientific productions a lot. So be sure to explore all your deliveries.

To close, there is also the possibility of putting other important performances such as participation in artistic events, letters, maps, production of models and other such things. Still, to prove participation, be sure to ask for certification for any academic activity you engage in, as everything you need in the lattes needs to be proven.

Participation in events

Participating in events related to the area of ​​activity or others that have interest is also very well seen. This communicates that you are a person interested in constant updates, that is, a trained professional and who does not want to be left behind. So be sure to punctuate your involvement.

What few people know is that lattes also help in that sense. There is a space for you to place all the events you have attended since graduation (and you have certified). This all makes your resume better seen among thousands of others.

Just one caveat: remember to register this in the right place. Courses taken at this time should be included in the “Complementary Training” section. As we have already advanced in the posting, registering in the wrong place can end up bringing the reverse effect and making their differentials not be perceived by the recruiters.

Strive to update frequently

An outdated resume is not at all cool – neither for recruiters, who realize that the information is old, or even for you, that you may end up missing out on many opportunities. In order not to suffer from this, make an effort to keep the lattes curriculum updated every 6 months (or whenever you have any relevant information).

Think that the world is more and more competitive and any detail makes all the difference. The factor that can determine a hiring or not, for example, can be a complete resume and duly updated. Do not forget: When you update and show everything you are doing, you are also communicating that you are a person looking for improvement and other career opportunities – which is very positive.

If you have found the 6-month deadline too short and you do not have much to fill in at that time, then understand that it may be getting a bit out-of-date. Look for some research and extension activities and increase your resume whenever possible.

Avoid abbreviations

If you work in a specific area, then it is good to tell everything in detail. Remember that many of the recruiters may not know what you got involved with, so it’s good that the lattes curriculum brings all the information you need to get people to understand.

You are a specialist in this area of ​​knowledge, but always work on the possibility of an evaluator who does not know this area so well. So to make everyone understand the significance of your work, explain everything in detail.

Emphasize the conclusions

After filling in on the congresses and events you attended, you have a space to show the results (or conclusions) you have been able to get. As you might imagine, this has a lot of value and is even more valued than the participation itself.

In order not to miss opportunities to show how each involvement was positive, take some time to highlight this space. You will thank yourself for this care!

If you do not have experience, focus on general data

Many people can get a little flustered when realizing they have no experiences to put lattes in the curriculum. If you are the type that is starting college or even took a while to realize how important this is then no despair.

If you fall into this situation, then focus on the general data. Leave all other items properly filled, such as domain in other languages, trainings and other details.

The Lattes Platform is very driven by companies and other institutions. In addition to allowing them to receive individual curricula, you can also trigger a list of all people who are linked to specific institutions or who work in areas of interest. So do not let any opportunity pass!

Now that you already know how to make an incredible and differentiated lattes curriculum, be sure to follow some of our tips here. Incorporating each of them into your resume is a great way to get along. The platform is so well structured that it has already been deployed in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Portugal, Peru and others.